16 weeks

Beginner to Job-ready – Full time

Classic / modern haircuts, straight razor shaving (moustache & beard)

One to one
Customised barbering courses

• Customized courses to reach your goals
• Flexible schedule to fit your needs and time
• General or topic focused
• Variety of modern and classic techniques
4 days

Fundamentals of Barbering

This course is ideal for anyone that has a little bit of experience. On a scale from a novice barber to intermediate barbers looking to expand their knowledge.
2 days

Wet Shave

• Traditional hot towel wet shave
• Gentlemen's treatments
• Massage techniques
• Relaxing treatments

Our goal is to help you become a skilled and knowledgeable Barber who master all barber techniques and educates Scandinavia’s foremost barber.

We also offer internships at many famous barbershops, Afro Söder, George Klipp and Baberia Havanna to name a few.

Free haircuts

Our talented students need to train on customers. Do you want a free haircut, beard trimming or smooth shaving which is obviously under the guidance of a teacher?
Welcome to book your time.
Book free haircut
Interior photo of the barbershop during a haircut

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