Wet Shave

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We put together a truly comprehensive, in depth and empathetic training program with caring and dedicated trainers, who have vast knowledge and experience in the barbering industry. We want to take you on a journey with us in which you can start with very little or no previous experience and grow into a professional barber like you always envisioned.

Job ready: Through our unique and empathetic training program, by the end you will have grown into a truly social barber. Not only will you be skillful in various basic barbering techniques, but you will also have the basic empathetic toolset which is essential to becoming a great barber and making people feel great about themselves when they finally sit in your chair.

Our differences are what make us unique, and so are the clientele and their hairstyles, you will experience all types of hair and all types of people, appreciating the differences and seeing what makes us the same.

After the course if you choose to participate in our internship this will further cement everything that you have learned allowing you to put it into practice, of course we will assist you in your journey of growth as well.

By using live models, you will practice the various techniques on all types of hair as well as be able to focus on the social aspects of the craft. In a truly hands on fashion.

Although the journey never ends, when your internship is over and you become employed ideally with us, we will always continue to foster your growth allowing you to truly contribute to the global barbering community.