One to One

Customised barbering courses

Customised courses to reach your goals that fit your needs and time. Covering various aspects of barbering that are either general or topic focused, such as fading, scissor work, clipper work etc. Focusing on a variety of modern and classic techniques.

Why choose our customised courses?

You know what you want, we are here to provide it. Based on our in depth and empathetic training program with caring and dedicated trainers, who have vast knowledge and experience in the barbering industry.

Our one to one empathetic training approach is practical in nature and due to it’s customisation, you can choose what fits your needs.

First we provide a consultation and evaluation and based on that information we go over together what are your areas of improvement to focus on. You choose the topics, you choose the location.

How does it work?

  1. Personal or digital assessment and consultation to see what your needs are and establishing goals for where you want to be. Emphasising communication and feedback.
  2. Develop a personal course which focuses on what steps you may need for your professional development.
  3. We start by building on and reinforcing your strengths while addressing any challenges that you might have as well.
  4. Creating a program designed that best suits your needs and goals, ranging between 1 and 5 days.
  5. Providing for you a program focused on professional development with constant feedback and dialogue from our instructors to ensure a successful learning environment.


1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days
8 hrs 16 hrs 24 hrs 32 hrs

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1, 2, 3*, 4* and 5 day courses

Courses are either in 1 day increments or on the weekends.
* 3 and 4 day courses are always split between weekends.