Beginner to Job-Ready

5 900 kr59 000 kr + moms

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If you want to secure your place, we offer an option for you to pay a small percentage in advance. It is available in the “Payment Options” select.

Classic / modern haircuts, straight razor shaving (mustache & beard)

Duration: 16 veckor

After almost 2 years of SBA being in business, we have come to realize that there is a great demand for an intensive Beginner to Job Ready Barbering course. We have constructed a 16 week course to meet this demand and to allow students to become competent barbers in a much quicker timeframe than our part time course. This course covers the same material in the same amount of training hours as our current part time Beginner to Job Ready course, but due to the intensity, all modules are completed much quicker.

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Starting on 20 February 2023


Pay 10% deposit, Pay in full, Pay monthly by finance